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Mineral or Miner-Royal Makeup?

As women we apply make-up in the morning to enhance our natural beauty and features throughout the day. In fact we wear it for around 14 hours every day on average.

Although we take our makeup off every (most) evenings this leaves just 10 hours a day for our skin to breathe and recover naturally. I, for one have seen the aftermath that traditional make-up can cause, often leaving skin feeling dry, irritated and congested, so its no wonder that theres a huge demand these days for mineral makeup with the promise of enabling us to look our best whilst lessening the impact on our skin.

What is mineral makeup?

A mineral is a naturally occurring compound that’s come from the earth. In makeup these minerals are usually made up of natural pigments which should be light on the skin and allow the skin to breathe and function the way the skin would behave as though you wasn’t wearing any make up at all.

But with a seemingly endless list of mineral make-up brands available to us these days how do we know which one to chose, which are the good ones and are they really all that different?

Well for starters I bet you didn't know that for makeup to be classed as a "Mineral makeup", the product only needs to have a mineral content of just 5% of its total ingredients? The rest can be made up of all sorts of other things like fragrances, artificial colours and bulking agents, many of which don’t promote skin health at all, but instead (and quite often) lead to skin challenges such as breakouts, irritation and sensitivity (long term sensitivity will then start to accelerate ageing).

Equaly the type and quality of minerals makes a huge difference to what the make-up does to your skin.

A true and effective mineral makeup (with a high % of quality mineral content) will allow the skin to breathe and function the way skin would behave as though you wasn’t wearing any make up at all. They are non comodegenic meaning they don’t block pores, and have anti inflammatory and sun protection benefits too.

What Should you look out for?

Firstly look for a proper mineral brand rather than a make up house that has jumped on the Mineral makeup bandwagon. The chances are that their make up would be of a low quality and low grade minerals that have just enough to be classed as a Mineral make up but packed with other skin-nasties. Also beware, that despite some brand names including the word "Mineral" this isn't always a reflection of their ethos on mineral content or quality!

More importantly check out the actual product ingredients. There are Mineral ingredients out there that won't do your skin any favours. If you see any of the below on the ingredients list then step away from the makeup counter at once!

Bismuth Oxychloride – a common ingredient and whilst it is officially classed as a mineral its actually a naturally occurring metal, which is used to give the pearly finish to some bases, highlighter products and eyeshadows to give the appearance of a healthy glow. This can be very irritating, particularly to those with sensitive skin and with it being a heavy ingredient, has been known to contribute to breakouts, blackheads, acne, also aggravate rosacea skin sensitivity. It should especially be avoided in warmer environments, in the sun or those that exercise regularly as it can quickly become very itchy and uncomfortable.

Talc – is a Mineral but has the same chemical compound to asbestos which has been linked to being carcinogenic (cancer causing). Any Mineral brand where you have to “Buff” the product into the skin with a brush, is usually an indication that it contains talc. Talc is a low grade Mineral, and due to its whiteish natural pigment, buffing is required to bring through colours of other minerals. It isn’t buildable so its verticulally impossible to build on coverage without looking chalky and powdery.

Phenoxyethanol is a scientifically proven irritant to human skin and eyes.

And ones to try to include

Titanium dioxide, Boron Nitrate, Zinc oxide, Dimethicone, Plankton extract, Algae extract and Punica granatum (pomegranate extract) all of which have a calming effect on skin, help with moisture retension, and act as anti-irritants, sunscreen protection, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

My Story

In my younger days I suffered myself for years with problematic skin, trying lots of make up to try and cover, which it did but the long term effects only made the underlying issues worse - nothing seemed to work! Family members and friends advised that my make up may have been the cause of the issues, but even after wearing no make up for several days I still got breakouts so resorted back to my application of high street brands.

Then one day someone introduced me to a brand that I'd never heard of before. Though I wasn’t convinced, I was advised to wear it for the day and see the result for myself. When I got home and removed my makeup I felt as though my skin was so much more comfortable, less irritated and like I’d been walking round with a hydrating mask on all day, the make up itself felt feather light like my skin was breathing! I’ve been hooked ever since and will never look back! So at BLOMSTRA, we have decided to partner with Jane Iredale Mineral make up, which is of the highest grade and quality Mineral make up in the industry.

It was Jane Iredale who pioneered the use of minerals in cosmetics back in 1994 with the creation of her own cosmetics range. Originally designed to be used in the entertainment industry for models, actresses and actors who were struggling with the ill effects of many kinds of make up worn for castings, and whose careers depended on a clear complexion, the skincare make up was created to provide outstanding coverage for TV, but enhanced the results or their skincare routine whilst also helping to treat skin concerns and challenges at the same time.

  • All of the bases that contain SPF are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreens.

  • Its cruelty free and is certified by the leaping bunny website https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/cruelty-free-company/jane-iredale

  • Minimal allergy risk – all products are safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested to ensure avoidance of any ingredients that may be skin sensitisers.

  • All foundations form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. Laboratory tests confirm that all of the JI products are non-comedogenic and do not block pores.

  • No Talc, most powder is 50% – 80% talc with other brands. Talc is a cheap filler that will exaggerate peeling or further dry skin

  • Four-in-one bases provide four important functions in one product: foundation, Concealer, Sunscreen and active skincare benefits.

  • Coverage is incomparable due to the pure Mineral pigment with no fillers such as talc. JI Minerals bind together upon application so they resist running, creasing, and smearing, which can be easily removed with a cleanser. All minerals have been tested under laboratory conditions and results show that there are no nano – size minerals in any of the products.

  • All products contain skincare ingredients as well as Minerals to make a conscious effort to calm, soothe and hydrate as this can measurably contribute to long term skin health, avoiding and only using preservatives when needed excluding parabens and phenoxyethanol.

Celebrity Fans

Jane Iredale has a huge celebrity following from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez to our very own Royal family members Princess Kate (Middleton) and Meghan Markle, who can be seen wearing Jane Iredale liquid minerals foundation in the official engagement photoshoot!

What more could you want from a make up range!


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