Do you Digest like a Pro?

We have all heard that saying "You are what you eat", well you aren't just what you eat, but rather what you can digest!

Our digestive tract (the path between the mouth to the erm, other end) contains between 300-1000 different strains of (friendly) bacteria that are essential at playing a role in your health, producing energy and the development of every living cell of your body, including your skin. So it’s important to not only look at your skin as an outer casing by treating it topically, but as a living breathing organ, which is a reflection of what’s happening within your inner world.

An adult's digestive tract spans around 30 feet, or the length of a double-decker bus, and on average 35 tonnes of food passes through it in our lifetime - that's the equivalent of 5 African elephants!

If the digest system isn’t working effectively we can expect to notice bloating, constipation, gas 💨 and skin issues - not ideal for wanting to impress our partners this upcoming Valentine's Day!

There are a number of things that have a negative impact on the digestive system:

Pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser residing on foods, additives, alcohol, caffeine, environmental toxins such as pollution, water impurity, food allergies, medication (especially antibiotics), drugs and stress all cause digestion issues, leading to......

Lowered immune response (infections), heightened immune response (allergies), bad bacterial overgrowth. “leaky gut” and liver overload (inability to detox efficiently)

which in-turn can lead to longer term problems such as Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), allergies, fatigue, mood problems, unhealthy looking skin, joint problems, hormonal imbalances, bloating and gas, water retention, the list is endless....

There are a number of things we can do/change to improve our digestive power:

Changing our diets to include more organic / unprocessed fresh food, drinking pure/filtered water, and increasing the amount of fibre along with vitamins, minerals and essential fats all help, as does the introduction of digestive enzymes (beneficial bacteria) and good stress management (perhaps easier said than done).

A body with a good digestive tract can absorb nutrients better, has efficient liver detoxification and immunity and hormone levels are well balanced. This provides improved health, increased energy levels, balanced moods, reduced chance of illnesses, regular bowl movement, and clear skin.

There are of course supplements that than accelerate and maximise the effectiveness of your digestive system.