Are you tired of that tired look?

I look so tired under my eyes. What can you do to help?

"One of the signs of ageing is the development of scoops (or depressions) under the eyes, which give that tired look. For most people this can begin in their 20’s, and it gets more and more noticeable as years go on. This condition, of which we are all susceptible to is known as the “tear trough” based on the idea of tears from the eyes collecting in the scoops. Comments like “you look tired” or “been burning the candle at both ends?” are often the catalyst for my clients to come to me for advice. As an advanced aesthetics doctor I am able to perform tear trough treatments, making you look fresher, younger (and happier) in your appearance.

By using dermal filler the skin is pushed from underneath using a safe technique involving a cannula (a blunt instrument which I like to think of rather like an aesthetics paintbrush!). The filler is gently deposited exactly where we want, giving an instantly fresher, and for many people, a younger appearance.

Naturally people worry about the proximity to the eye! I can reassure people that although this is actually a very advanced technique, done correctly with the right technique and product the procedure itself is not dangerous, and generally safer than some of the other filler procedures. A very malleable, low density filler called Volbella is used, results are instant but improve further over the first few weeks and should last around 1 year. So if this resonates with you, then feel free to book in for a free consultation to see if you would benefit from a Tear Trough treatment.

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