Enhancing Your Natural Look

A common theme that I hear from clients is "I want to book in, but I'm scared that people will be able to tell I've had botox or fillers!!"

So we've all seen those celebrities with obviously overdone filler treatment, hugely disproportionate lips and cheeks, frozen looks...and this is what can fill people with dread about having any potential treatment.

Many people have been considering treatment for some time and have toyed with the idea. However one of the main concerns is the FEAR of people knowing that they've had treatment, particularly if they look overdone.

Now, this is something Doctors and skilled nurses within aesthetics are battling hard to improve, to raise the standard of aesthetic treatments, and the industry as a whole. A good understanding of the natural ratios of the face, of the bony structure and fat pads within the face, the important arteries and nerves- these are all key to creating a natural look, getting great results and most importantly - avoiding complications.

But what is it that actually makes someone look "done"??

Poor product placement basically! So that means it is usually caused by filler being placed in an area that already is full enough, or by not taking into account other areas of the face. For example if cheek filler is placed in someone who has already lost a lot of fat under their cheekbone, this is just going to make them look more gaunt, with overfilled cheeks. Having a large dose of botox injected in the forehead and going for the "frozen" look is another example of where treatment can be more obvious ( don't worry, the vast majority of people don't want this and this is always discussed before any treatment carried out).

So finding a good practitioner who will tailor a treatment to YOU and your particular facial features is key. Before Botox and dermal fillers are considered there must be a holistic assessment of your face shape, cheek width, lip ratio, chin projection and so on. There are so many things which must be considered to keep your appearance looking balanced and natural.

And so at our clinic at BLOMSTRA we are offering free consultations to go through this with you; to discuss your concerns, your goals, your expectations. And we can guide you through any potential treatments that may benefit you. And if something isn't suitable then we would tell you!

Safe, natural looking results is our goal which will leave you looking fresher, less tired and healthier.