Forget Diamonds, Vitamin A is your new best friend!

Did you know that healthy-looking, beautiful skin is a direct result of vitamin A? Thats right, it's the only known molecule that helps keep the skin healthy and helps to provide anti-ageing benefits.

It is also the only ingredient that can repair skin cell DNA.

Skin cell DNA defines the role that each cell plays for the body and how well it functions. For example a fibroblast cell is responsible for collagen and elastin production, whereas a melanocyte cell creates melanin. When the sun damages these cells they can no longer function to the required levels and in time the skin will begin to sag (fibroblast cells) and discolour (melanocyte cells), or in the worst case scenario the cells become cancerous.

By supplying the body with the correct levels of vitamin A you are in-effect fighting the battle against ageing - its your secret weapon! Think of vitamin as a super medic in a war, fixing up the wounded troops and getting them ready to battle again...

But wait...hold you horses, before you start overloading your bodies with copious amounts of vitamin A there are a few ground rules to follow!

  1. Your skin must become tolerant to higher levels of Vitamin A in a gradual way

  2. Vitamin A should be applied topically and orally in order to bolster the bodies ability to absorb vitamin A

  3. Slow and steady will win the race...

Fail to abide by the rules and you could end up with a retinol reaction, putting you out of the vitamin A race for at least a week!

This is the reason why we recommend the Vitamin A step up system.

Your skin has receptors which absorb ingredients such as vitamin A, along with other ingredients. Think of these receptors like flower buds. To begin with they are closed, and will only be able to absorb a small amount of vitamin A, the rest is an overflow left in the skin which can cause irritation and potentially the dreaded retinol reaction.