Feed Your Skin's Soil

We all know that a healthy looking lawn is only as good as the soil underneath. The nutrients from the soil support the growth of the grass and the higher the quality of the soil the greener the lawn will be. Changes made to the grass itself will be gone when the grass is cut and new grass comes through.

Well, your skin is no different.

Providing nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin and body (the soil) promotes longer-term and significant improvements in the appearance of your upper layers (the grass).

At Blomstra, we use a number of techniques to penetrate the lower levels of the skin to support healthier renewal of skin cells.

Our advanced Galvanic and Ionzyme facial equipment is designed to sink nutritional products deep into the skin's lower levels and accelerate absorption by up to 4,400%

The benefits of such techniques are well proven and can be very quickly realised. Our regular events use the Skin Visia face scanner to identity skin health at various levels, allowing us to track the progress that is being made.

Nutrimental intake also has a huge benefit to the appearance and health of our skin. Find out more in my other posts on Collagen and Vitamin C and the effects it can have on the appearance of your skin.

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