Help reclaim the appearance of a younger, more healthy-looking luminous skin with an even, radiant glow with this technologically advanced Vitamin C infused cream.  

Focus Care Radiance+Intense C Boost Mela-Even Cream

  • Helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines by plumping up the look of your skin.  


    Assists in maintaining a healthy skin appearance, while supporting its natural sun defence against the harmful effects of UV rays.  


    Helps to retard the visible signs of ageing.  


    BLOMSTRA tip:  This Mela Even Cream should be added to any level of vitamin A cream for skins wanting to reverse ageing, add hydration, help with collagen sythesis, stregthen cappilaries and calm as well as increase the skins natural protection against UV light, adding vitamin C into your routine is the most powerful antioxidant.  This cream should be added to everyones routine for healthy, glowing skin.  

    Caution for problematic skins or prone to breakouts, vitamin C can irritate those skin types.