This lightweight, invisible, breathable shield offers complete protection.  Its scientifically prefered blend of anti pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants help to counteract the harmful effects of pollution.  

Focus Care Comfort+ Anti Pollution Spritz

  • Lightweight, invisible, breathable shield.  POLLUSTOP assists to form a physical surface barrier to help protect the skin against atmospheric, UV and urban pollution. 


    Rebalnces skin microbiome.  ACTIBIOME is a scientifically advanced ingredient complex that assists to rebalance the biodiversity and homeostatis of the skin's microbiome.  


    Blue light free radical defence.  High potency vitamin C combined with a specialised Plant Extract assists to counteract the efforts of free radicals induced by blue light.  


    Strengthens the skin's resistance.  A highly concentrated Phytonutrient Plant Extract is scientifically shown to deactivate pollution's effects and enhances the skin's resistance to pollutants.  


    Supports a healthy-looking skin barrier.  Niacinamide is a powerful antioxidant, which assists to repair and protect the skin barrier from past and further damage.  


    BLOMSTRA tip:  Spritz frequantly through the day to top up antioxidant shield and protection from pollution, free radicals and light emitted from frequant use of electrical devices.  


    Works great as a make-up finisher leaving the skin looking dewy and radiant as well as forming a layer of protection.  Doesnt smudge make-up and works well to set mineral foundations.